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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Well... its finally happened.. the crayons ended up somewhere they shouldn't! We were in the car driving when our almost 3 yr old felt the need to confess....

"mama.... "
"Yes Madi"
"mama.. i colored on the wall"
"you colored on your wall?"
"Yes mama... during my quiet time"

I wondered if she confessed in the car cause we couldn't very well pull over and put her in "the corner".... well when we got home we went into her room and were greeted by this masterpiece! Even though its on the wall and it shouldn't be.... its an awesome pic eh! We checked the rest of her room and discovered she had also colored on the carpet, her sheet, the dresser and her toybox. So, into the corner she went ( screaming the whole way.... why do kids have to scream in the corner eh!... you say "corner" and out comes the high pitched screaming!) When she came out of the corner I made her start trying to clean up the wall ( but I think she enjoyed it too much so I took over!) Thank heavens for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

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