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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Aunt J's ice cream cups...

When we were home this summer we went to Fonthill (near Niagra Falls)to visit Aunt J. I had noticed in one of her display cabinets that she had some ice cream glasses. I told her that one memory I have is my dad making me rootbeer floats in ones like that at my great-grandparents cottage. She told me to take 4 of them and start a memory with my girls. Last night I made home-made caramel sauce for dessert and made caramel sundaes ( Madi loved them.. but who doesn't love ice cream eh!) I love that I can share this memory with my girls. Lily didn't get any ice cream but she was still so cute....

Enjoying her ice cream... love how she is holding the bottom of the cup!

Lily playing "Peek-a boo"

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