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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008......

We had a fun day yesterday even though we didn't take Madi trick-or-treating... for a couple of reasons

-it was -14... way too cold for a little girl to be walking around
-she had no idea was Halloween even was
-I am not even sure where we would have gone

We had fun driving around after dark looking at the big blow up pumpkins people had on their lawns... and we bought special orange icing cupcakes that she enjoyed.
Sadly, our pumpking had to leave us last night. I told Madi before bed that the pumpking (who she has become quite attached to) was leaving but we could make a new next year.. first thing she said when she woke up.. "did my pumpkin leave"... poor little girl!

Enjoying her cupcake!! Notice the "big" girl cup.. she is so proud of herself!

Lily in her "orange" shirt eating her bread and bananas... so proud that she is actually eating now.. for those of you who didn't know.. she wasn't able to eat even little pieces of soft food without choking and gagging.. but slowly she is getting the hang of it... probably doesn't help that she only just got her 1st tooth!

Madi's friend.... Mr. Pumpkin!

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