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Friday, November 07, 2008

Lily's Celebration

David is working today so we decided to have an early celebration and then later this weekend we are going to have some friends over to have a party. We had a good morning together, Madi was a bit confused as to why there wasn't more presents for her ( good thinking Nina in sending something for her to open... it kept her quiet for like 2 mins!) She ended up opening most of the presents for Lily anyway cause Lily lost interest after the first one!

Madison waiting for Lily to get up. I made her the "king hat" yesterday and she has only taken it off for a bath and to sleep!

I stayed up late decorating for my Bean! The streamers are from Holland. They are re-usable and I LOVE them!

Madi going into Lily's room to wake up the "Birthday Girl"!

Madison singing "Happy Birthday" to Lily!
(click on the picture bigger so you can see Lily's face.. it is precious)

The Birthday Girl!

Madison wanted her to try on the "king hat"!

Birthday hugs from Daddy

Madi "helping" Lily open her present from her!

I think this is her fav gift and Madison picked it out for her!

Nina (Nana) sent Madi some Dora stockings (longsocks!) and some Dora sunglasses! She loved them!

Proof that Beanie can stand!

Opening more presents!

Me and my girls ( please remember its early morning and I haven't showered yet!)

"Happy birthday to you"

Madison blew out the candle for Lily.. such a big helper!
She ate a bunch of icing and then gagged a bit.. but she got the idea!

Family shot
( remember.. early morning.. no shower.. wearing Pj's!)

Yummy icing!

She didn't want to share with me!

Madison eating the icing off of her cupcake!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures guys! Love Lily in the crib justing waking up! So cute. Can't wait - 6 days to go!
Love to all Grandma

Schievink said...

Hi everyone!! Looks like you had a lot of fun celebrating Lily's Birthday. Anne, I need some advice on how make my blog look as good as yours :) Hugs and Kisses to Lily and Madi from Jenna