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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sorry for the lull in posts... we are now in Ontario ( praise the Lord) at Mom and Dad's and cause their computer is a tad bit slower than ours I won't be able to upload any pics for a while but I can fill you in on the happenings here... but I thought I would do that by handing out some awards!!!

Sunday night Madi started throwing up and by 5:30 she had thrown up every 15 mins and was throwing up blood so we took her into the hospital. They tried to get an IV in but were unsuccesful cause her veins were flat from being dehydrated, so they gave her some fluids orally and she perked up a bit. The blood was from a burst blood vessel in her throat from the puking.

None of the nurses were able to get a needle into Madi except for Mary Martin ( a friend of the family). They tried for almost 20 mins and poor little Madi had such bruises on her arms from the poking. Mary Martin walks in... first poke... SUCCESS!!!!

Lily only threw up twice but got really bad diarrhea. She still isn't 100 percent but is on the mend! She had 12 'dirty' diapers on Sunday ( yuck!!) But still was the happiest baby ever!

Needless to say... our first week was eventful!!! Everyone ( Sarah/Chris and their boys, Uncle John/ Aunt Nellie, Oma, Nathan ) is here and as of now ( tuesday 12pm) Sarah, Chris and Aunt Nellie are the only ones who have not gotten sick! We had a great time celebrating the church's 100th anniversary on Sunday with great lunch and program. Friday we celebrated with Mom and Dad as they were baptized here that the lake and then had a BBQ with about 80 people from the church.

We are headed into the Sault tomorrow for Lily to have an EEG ( at 1:30 eastern time). We had seen the Ped before we left and she was concerned with some shaking that Lily had started to do and wanted the test done. Because we were leaving for Ontario I called Mom and she was able to pull some strings and get the test for Lily here. We are hoping that it will be nothing but if it is something ( Infantile Seizures) they say that she will probably grow out of it and only be behind developmental to show for it. Please pray with us for the test and we will keep you updated!

Here's to a better second week!!!


Anonymous said...

You poor things:( That sounds so horrible. I hate it when kids are sick, it wrenches your heart out.

Will pray for Lily. Have a great holiday, safe travels.


Jason & Erin said...

Oh sickies...I think I will waita bit to visit:)

Hope you all are starting to feel better and that the tests for Lily go well.

Love Erin