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Monday, July 07, 2008

Cameron River trip............

On Nana's and Papa's last day we took them out to the Cameron River for a picnic... it was so much fun and we got some really good pictures..

Lily and Nana

Ms. Lily bean

Madi and Nana

Madi LOVES watermelon!

Nana and Papa with their princesses!

New family pic!
Mama and her big girl!

My gorgeous parents

David diving into the frigid water.. can't believe he went swimming

Can't believe that my Dad went in either... way too cold for me

Scenery from where we ate our picnic.. so pretty

Dad contemplating life!

Papa teaching Madi how to "wash her hands" after lunch

My gorgeous Mama

My crazy husband... what a nut!


Jason & Erin said...

What great shots!!! Your family gets more beautiful by the day. And oh my goodness your mom looks awesome! She seriously looks 25!
Anyways I love the pictures and your growing family. Let me know when your in Blind River for a visit, I'd love to sneak up for a bit.
Love Erin

Colleen said...

I'm REALLY enjoying all the many beautiful photos of your girls! You have captured some wonderful expressions and moments. :)

Parr Family said...

I can't believe david and your dad went swimming. I was just telling my Aunt that I can't wait to go to Ontario so that I can take Brooke swimming at the beach. LOL