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Monday, July 07, 2008

Nana's and Papa's visit....continued..

Here are some more pictures from our visit with Nana and Papa.... we had so much fun!

Nana bought Madi some Dora the Explorer figurines which Madi loved playing with. They fit a LittlePeople house I bought her at a garage sale last week, so its perfect! She was pushing this little car all around the living room!

She had a "village" of Dora figurines all set up under the couch and played like this for almost 30mins. , holding the couch material up with her head!

It had rained the night before, so I made sure she was wearing her boots and David was able to capture some really great moments with our camera!

Quality time with Nana and Papa

We went to the park one night and took along the sandtoys to play with. We were there for literally 2 mins and we were swarmed and eaten alive by mosquitos. We literally dumped the toys, picked them all back up , went down the slide once and ran back to the car. It was horrible...if the bugs are bad where you are, try to imagine them a little bit worse up here!

David fed Lily one day and this is how they looked when he was finished. She was so comfy!

We tried Lily in the highchair. But since she is a bit on the tiny side, at 8 months she still doesn't quite fit. But she is still really cute eh!

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