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Saturday, July 05, 2008

My anniversary gift.....

Here it is... a picture of my new ring from David for our 5th anniversary. It is kind of blurry.. it is hard to take a picture of your hand while holding the camera with the other! When we got married I picked a wedding band but didn't totally love it. I loved the way it looked on the outside ( it was a small band with tiny diamond inset around the front of it ) but the band itself wasn't very comfortable. It wasn't one of those comfort band ones. Somehow David managed to get ahold of my engagement ring without me being suspicious and went to one of the jewellers in town and asked him to find a wedding band that would match mine. My diamonds on the engagement ring kind of go out beyond the band so he wanted something that would hug that without scratching. I think he did a fabulous job! I absolutely LOVE this ring. It is something I would have picked out myself. David would have had my engagement ring replated ( cause its white gold and turns yellowish after time) but knew that would make me suspicious so I had it done the day after I got my ring ( not yet when i took this picture!) I got it back on thursday and they look fabulous together!!

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