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Friday, January 01, 2010

Year in Review....

I thought that I would go through my pictures from this year and pick out some of my favs and do a sort of "YEAR IN REVIEW" for you all!! Enjoy!

We started off 2009 in Revelstoke!
It was the first year that Lily was big enough to "play" in the snow! She somewhat enjoyed it! Revelstoke gets so much snow that she had to sort of be placed in one spot to play or else you could lose her!!
Both her and Madi LOVED being pulled around on the sled!

In February we found out that baby #3 was a BOY!!! We were super excited. We brought Madi to the ultrasound and she got to see him on the screen. I don't think she fully understood but it is a neat memory to be able to share with her!

We visited (looked around in the cheap areas!) the SnowKing in March. Madi still asks when the ice castle is coming back! It is neat to be able to drive out on the water and walk around. It was bitterly cold but we made some fun memories!

Madi got to decorate eggs for the first time this April. She had a blast. She assigned each one to someone ie. Uncle Andrew, Nina etc etc. but of course we did not send them!! But she wanted pictures of them all to show to the people she made them for!

We discovered a really great picnic spot about an hour drive south of Yellowknife. We went there a couple times in the summer ( the closer to my due date the closer to home we stayed!). We cooked up hotdogs and marshmallows in this picnic! It was still so bitterly cold, as you can see by Madi's outfit! Picnic in May with a winter hat on... she even shoveled snow that was still laying around!!

David's birthday!! We made the famous Mocha Torte and had a great day celebrating! We also celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary!

Caleb David Richard was born on July 23 2009. He was our third baby and our first son. I figured since the girls had been such short/easy labors that he would be the same.... WRONGO!!! After 11 hours of intense labor he finally arrived.... he was well worth it! Nina and Papa were here when he was born and Grandma came shortly after to help out!

This August we packed up everyone ( and what seemed like the whole apartment!) and headed to Revelstoke to enjoy some of their warm/sunny weather! We stoped alone the way and got someone to take our first family photo... this photo kills me everytime cause although we were all there.. you CANNOT SEE LILY... the lady who was taking it moved just a little and cut out little Bean!! If you look really hard you can see her wispy hair and I think one foot!!

After coming home from Revelstoke we settled into our routine.....I love this photo of my three kiddies!!

October found us headed back to Revelstoke for Thanksgiving. It was also the month that Madi had her first ever haircut in a salon. She LOVED IT!!! ( and who wouldn't.. every woman in their right mind loves having their hair done!)

November was Lily's 2nd birthday and we had a blast celebrating but the most memorable day of November by far was the 'BABY POWDER INCIDENT DAY'... My girls got a hold of the baby powder and in their words "made it snow in their room".... those rascals!! It was a huge mess and took forever to clean up!

I LOVE this pic of Bean... she discovered she had pockets.. For pretty much the whole month of December she wore this Santa Hat around the house. One day I caught her walking around with the hat on and her hands in her pockets!! She is so funny!!

I hope you have enjoyed my "year in review" through pics... it has been a good year but I am excited for what 2010 will hold for our family!!



Sarah, Chris, Ryan 'n Kieran said...

Very cool! It's been ages since I've visited your site. Wonderful to get caught up on the photos and stories. Love you guys!

Laura E. said...

cute pics! great year! i love the pic of lil with her hands in her pockets! too cute!