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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

olympic torch fever!

WAY back in Oct. the Olympic Torch came through town and I decided to take the girls to see it. David was sick, so he kept Caleb at home! Although by the pics you might think that it was at 8 or 9 at night... it is in fact only around 4pm!!

Not sure who it was carrying the torch but he was energetic and it was cool to see!

Lily wasn't too interested in what was going on. She wanted to be held and since I was all ready carrying 2 flags, 2 tamborines, a camera, car keys, bottle of coke it was a little hard to get her up.... so she revolted and cried and cried!! Someday she will be glad that I took her!

I didn't realize that the camera didn't focus but you get the idea. Lily is looking for a way to escape the madness and Madi is taking it all in. She talked about it for days afterwards. I am so excited for her to watch the opening ceremonies and show her that that is the same torch we saw!

My girls at the torch watch. I had only planned on staying in the car and watching but then they got so excited that I took them out.. that is why they aren't wearing snow pants.. but hey it was only like -20.. summer weather for us!!

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