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Friday, January 01, 2010


I am late in writing this post ( Lily got sick the day before Madi's birthday and it has been going through the house ever since) but wanted to post a little something for Madi on her 4th bday!
Today is the day 4 years ago that we brought our first baby home ( she had to stay in for a while after her birth cause of some little complications) I was thinking about how much has happened and changed since that day. We now have 3 children, have moved house, have had 2 different cars, David has another job, have travelled lots as a family and yet I still can't believe its been 4 years!

Happy 4th Birthday my first born daughter. Like me, you are a first born! I see ALOT of you in me. Your stubborn will, your huge heart and your independence. You have blessed our family since the moment you were born. I remember when the told me that you were a girl... I couldn't believe it ( although I had hoped!) I had gotten a girl! You were perfect.. big and chunky with the darkest blue eyes! Although you gave us a run for our money in those first few months ( but what newborn doesn't to brand new parents!) we prevailed and you survived!!

I have so enjoyed watching you grow up this year. To me, it seems like there was so much more of a "grown up jump" this year than from 2 to 3. It seems like all of a sudden you are little girl.. not a toddler anymore! You have learned so many new things this year... one of my favs is that you can get on the swings at the park and make yourself go all by yourself ( exciting for you.. although now it makes me obsolete!)

You have embraced being a big sister to Caleb beautifully. We are so willing to help when I ask you to get me something and for that I am truly thankful. You are patient with Lily ( sometimes!) as she gets bigger and starts to push your buttons more. And you include her in what you are doing and show her new things everyday ( some how I think the "baby powder incident' was your idea!)

You are learning everyday how to control your stubborness and you will get it.... I promise you! You want Lily to play with you so badly but sometimes forget that she has ideas on what to play too... but I see such a love between you two and for that I am thankful.

You started sharing a room with Lily this summer and although some nights are worse than others... 9 times out of 10 I will hear you seeing to her after I have shut the door. You have a tender heart and want to make people happy!

I love you so much and am so thankful for the 4 years God has blessed you with so far....

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