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Thursday, April 30, 2009

More christmas...

Ok.. this is the last pictures from our trip out west.... i promise!! Well unless I find some more that I love... and its my blog... so you'll just have to suffer through!!!

My little bean! When Mom and Dad watched Lily and Madi for the couple of days that David and I went down to the coast, Dad nicknamed Lily "Squeak" cause that is the only noises she made! Well.. ever since then that is what Madi calls Lily 75% of the time!! It is really cute and I kind of hope it sticks!

Nina made noodles for Madi that might have been a 'tad' to big!!

Madi and Auntie Laura!

Lily and Auntie Becky!

What you can't see is that Papa is sitting on the other couch in the exact same position as Madi reading his book!! Copy Cat!

Madi with Uncle Andrew!

Uncle Sam ( Becky's husband) with Lily!

My little Guitar Hero!

Uncle Andrew and Lily... she became SUPER attached to Andrew! It was really cute!

One of the like 8 puzzles we did!!

Nina reading Madi her bedtime story!

Uncle Sam feeding Lily.. click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see the face Lily is making. Not sure what was so funny... but she was killing herself laughing!

Sam and Andrew having an talk like 2 'old men'!... Check out their postures!

Our New Year's Eve spread!... YUMMY

On a sister's shopping trip woth our friend Shannon!

Lunch out on 'sister' day!

Making dinner one night!

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