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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A conversation with a 3 1/2 yr. old............

On Sat I flew down to see my Mom and Dad ( more on that later) and since my flight left at 9 and I didn't have to be to the airport to early David said he would take me instead of having to pay for a taxi. We decided to just get the girls up and take them as is, and that David would just drop me off and he could get them dressed when they got back home. Madi was up before we had to leave and we had a good cuddle time on the couch while we waited to leave. I don't think she really understood that she was just going to drop me off at the airport but she figured it out! When it was time to leave I told her to get her boots on please and then......

Madi: " but mama... I am not wearing a dress"

Me: " Madi thats ok.. you have your pj's on and when you get home Daddy will help you put a dress on"

Madi: "but mama.. I can't go outside in pajamas.. I NEED to wear a dress."

the conversation continued out into the hall and down all three flights of stairs on our way to the car.

Madi: "please mama... I NEED to go and get a dress on... princess DO NOT wear pajamas "

Me: " But Madi, what do you think that princess wear to bed?....

Madi: "Oh Mama... they wear dresses to bed...... so I need to wear a dress too"

Me: .... "Madi please just come on.. its a special day and you can wear pajamas and then a dress when you get home! "

Once David told her that he was going to take her to the 'donut man' ( Tim Horten's ) after they dropped me off, then she moved on and forgot about her 'dress' and was ok!! It was hilarious though.. not to sure where she got the whole 'princessey' thing from though.. must be ingrained!

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Anonymous said...

That is such a cute story! She comes up with the best lines!