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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Picnics and watermelon!!!

We decided to head out the Ingram Trail for a picnic today. There is still lots of ice on most of the lakes but we have been out there in the summer and figured we could find a nice picnic table somewhere and eat or at least enjoy the drive and then eat in the car! I think this would have been Madi's first picnic...well at least where she ate food and not formula! We had gotten a really good deal on a seedless watermelon at the grocery store so David cut that up and we took it with us. Madison LOVED it.. as is evident in the pics!
At first she was content with me holding the watermelon but then she wanted to do it by herself. I had of course forgotten napkins.. who does that with a 16 month old??!!

As you can see... she loved it!
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Sheila said...

Remember our picnics to Riverside Park and Churchill Park (the one with the big rocket?)
Brought back happy memories!!!! So much fun! xoxo