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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ice cream cones and BRAIN FREEZE!

David brought home ice cream and cones the other day and we were enjoying one when Madi came over and tried to take a bite of mine and I figured... it can't hurt.. well she grabbed it out of my hand and preceded to almost eat the whole thing!!!

I don't think you can notice it unless you click on the pic and make it bigger but in each picture her eyes get progressively wateryier ( is that a word?! ) because of the brain freeze from the cold ice cream.. but it didn't matter to her. And not only did she like the ice cream she loved chewing on th cone!! We have a created a ice cream eating monster!
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Loo said...

brain freeze, eh! haha. her and dad both...love it!

Sheila said...

Ah! I love how the ice cream is just dripping off of Madi's chin!!
She must be like her Auntie Sheila!
I just had a Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen! Mmmm..mmmm..good! xoxo