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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fun times with Daddy!


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Sheila said...

Love the pics! So cute Madi and her daddy!! Um....just wondering whose shirt that was hanging in the tree? Was it warm enough for skinny dipping? tee hee Love you all, Auntie Sheila

Sam and Becky said...

Hey Anne,
I loved all the pics and updates...looks like a really fun day! I can't believe there's still that much ice there...you guys need to get your butts to somewhere warmer!
My niece looked cute in her little jacket and hat!
Love you all,

Barbie said...

I love these pics of Madi and daddy.
You need to have some of you Anne...you are always way at the sides of the pics and I don't get to see you.! I love her GREEN top....That has to be a nana thing!
love you guys