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Thursday, July 01, 2010

I never knew a vacuum could be so much fun!

Me and my girls..

Peek a boo!

I love this picture of my girls...

Isn't she pretty...

They were having so much fun posing!

Lily LOVES to wrestle with Madi... Madi doesn't always like it.... but she is a good sport and puts up with it!

Crazy hair!

They are actually hugging!!

Nothing says "fun" like a vacuum hose!!

Tie-dyed baby boy!!

They played with the vacuum for almost 2 hours!!

It was a telephone among other things!! My girls have a great imagination!!


thinking about what to color.

She asked me how to spell "easter"... i LOVE her 's'!!

She lined up her monkeys to watch her color!

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mom said...

I haven't read your blog for so long....I love these pictures. You need to send some so me of the girls colouring etc. so cute.
love you