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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Auntie Becky's visit

Well David was away at his course this Jan. my sister Becky came up to visit us!! It was a blast. I didn't tell the girls that she was coming just took them to the airport to wait and see who was coming ( you can see it in the video). We had a blast with her. She painted nails, read books, cuddled and we had so much needed sister/girl time. David was able to come home for the weekend when she was here so we took her out on the ice road... it was fun to experience with her!!!

Auntie Becky making Lily laugh!

It was WAY to cold to bring Caleb out of the car so we only got a 4 person family photo!!!

Becky with everyone!

She was so cold!!!

Fingers and toes all painted up!!!

This is my fav pic of the whole week she was here.. I love Beanie's face in this face.. priceless!!

"It tickles..."

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