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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Nina's visit..

My Mom (nina) came out in April to help us with the girls cause I needed to have some surgery done ( I had my tubes tied and a hernia in my belly button fixed). The girls had a blast with her. It was so great to have her here for over a week and she was such a huge help to us!

It warmed up enough one day that we decided to go for a walk down one of the Provincial Parks roads. It was still really wet, which of course turned into puddle jumping for our girls!!

Madi wanted to pose for some pictures!

Spring in Yellowknife, sunglasses and a winter hat!!

Ms. Lily found A LOT of puddles to jump in !

Two sisters...

I think Caleb had more fun trying to eat his zipper than anything else!!

Madi showing Nina how some of the puddles had bubbles in them... not sure why but it was cool to see. They just kept bubbling up.

Not the fastest walker when there is so much to see...

Don't you love her sunglasses... they match her Uncle Andrew's!!

Nina brought some little wooden bird houses with her for the girls to paint.. HIGHLIGHT of her visit for the girls!!

Mom.... thanks so much for being willing to take time out of your busy schedule to come and help us out when we needed it. We are blessed.......

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mom said...

Hey, I was very happy to come and wished I could have stayed longer. You did so well after your surgery, but that's what moms do...they can't be sick for toooo long. So glad you did good. Love you