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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sprinkler fun

I had gotten a sprinkler as a shower gift when Madi was born and tucked it away for the day when we would have a backyard and be able to use it. Well, when I was organizing rooms before Caleb arrived I found that sprinkler and sent it home with Nina and Papa for when we came to visit.

It was super hot while we were there ( LOVED IT) and the girls were outside all day, everyday. We pulled it out one day and let them run around in it. Madi loved it, although it did take her awhile to warm up to it. Lily on the other hand, hated it and would only go through if someone was holding her!

This is about as close as Lily would get to the sprinkler. Nina had sent home some balloons and a pair of glasses for the girls and Lily carried hers around with her for days... even when she braved the sprinkler!


Lily with the glasses!

Running through with Auntie Lala (Laura)

Again with the balloons and glasses!!

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