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Friday, September 25, 2009

Martha's Creek

Just outside of town in Revelstoke, is a glacier fed lake called Martha's Creek. It is bitterly cold but feels so nice after a hot day ( and after you work up the courage to go in!) We went there a couple of afternoons with the girls and everyone else. They loved it! There really wasn't a beach cause of all the logs piled up on shore but they still enjoyed exploring!

There was a log that shot out into the lake that we used to jump off of. If you did it this way, instead of slowing walking in, it was MUCH easier!!

Here is David jumping in!

Auntie Lala with both Madi and Lily out in the tube. Don't worry it might look like they are in the middle of the lake, but it is only about knee deep.

I think this is my favourite picture from Martha's.. They were a ways out, but it is so shallow.. it makes for such a cool picture!

Lily was SO relaxed!

The girls with Auntie Lala

All bundled up ready to go home!

She LOVED playing in the water

Auntie Lala and Madi. I loved how it looks like Dad and David are discussing the best way to get into the water in the background!!

Beanie with a pool noodle.. the thing is like 3 times her size!!

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