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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jasper family picture

We decided to take the Jasper way to get to Mom and Dad's this summer. We had done it last time, when I was just pregnant with Madi and enjoyed the scenery so much that we thought it would be great to be able to show the kids that! We stopped just before the IceFields and had a women take our picture. As I was asking her, the thought crossed my mind that english might not be her first language but everyone seems to understand a camera thrust at them as " please take my picture". We positioned her so that we would all be in it, but slowly she started meandering to the one side.. I didn't think anything of it till later when I was back in the car checking out the picture.. CAN YOU SEE WHAT IS WRONG???

There is no Lily!! She is hidden in between Madi and me.. as the women angled over she got to the perfect spot to cut out our Lily... all that remains in a foot and her fuzzy blonde hair!! It is by far my fav family picture ever!!!

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Monika said...

That's hilarious! I was wondering "Where is Lily?" when I first saw this picture. Wonder why the lady moved to the side like that, maybe she was trying to get the mountain peak in the background?!