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Sunday, September 21, 2008

My trip.......

David sent me "home" to Revelstoke last weekend ( I left sat and came back tues). I TOTALLY SUPRISED my parents. I left here at 6am and then landed in Kelowna around 12pm and then rented a car and drove the 2hrs to Revelstoke. My parents where at the church for a "thing" and I just walked in and stood there till Dad finally saw me! Of course the second thing my mom said was "Where are the babies?".... I had such a great time.. Felt like I was an only child!! We went for some hikes, shot the pellet gun, ate huckleberries and had a fabulous time. I had thought about bring Lily because she is free but decided against and boy am I glad that I did. I ended up being delayed on the way home in Calgary for 5 hrs. and didn't get home till 3am and was supposed to be in at 10pm. It was a long time, and would have been awful with a baby...even though my Lily bean is a calm child!

Mama and Daddy at the Cedars walkway

Me and Mama on the way to a hike

The water was a bit high so we couldn't walk.. Dad was doing "You shall not pass" from Lord of the Rings!

Me hugging a giant cedar!

Someone took this of the three of us ( not the best photographer) but at least we have proof we were all together!

The path went through 2 big cedars. It was so cool.

Mama and me up a logging road looking over Revelstoke.
The three of us up the logging road.

Me with Revelstoke in the background.

I found ONE huckleberry...but boy was it good!

Off to another hike!


Anonymous said...

WOW Anne...your parents looks soooo young!!!!

anonymous~~~ :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne....WE had a great time with YOU too!!! So glad you came to visit us. What a surprise!! Thank you David!!!

mom and dad

Koala Bear said...

That looks like such a fun time!! How awesome that you were able to do that!

Anonymous said...

you are so cute. i love the picture of you and the huckleberry! haha. too cute!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are sooooo good! Love your hair in all of them! Wish I could have been there...dang commitments!!!
I miss you...come see ME soon :0)
Love ya.