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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My smart daughter.....

I have the smartest 2 1/2 yr. old that ever lived!! She has learned to write her own name... granted its not her full name but still.... AMAZING!!! ( obviously I wrote the top name... but she wrote the bottom!)
She LOVES writing M,A,I,D,N...... so so far she can write MAMA, MADI, NANA, DAD....she gets so excited when she writes them.
My fridge is COVERED with pieces of paper with the above mentioned letters all over them!!!

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Sarah, Chris 'n Ryan said...

That's amazing! I've been trying to get Ryan to attempt his name but no luck yet. How's the toilet training going? We are having more successes - yesterday was a dedicated TT day and we had only 2 accidents and he pooed in the toilet for the first time. Someone today told me it takes a good 5 days of staying at home for them to get the hang of it . . . shoot me now, one day of going nowhere was bad enough five in a row would be almost unbearable . . . will have to plan for people to come and visit. I should have written an email this is getting so long!
Madi is amazing as we all know!
Love you all!!!!