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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day at the beach.... hypothermia included free of charge!!!

We decided to hit up the beach today! It was a balmy 17 degrees and sunny and we figured it would be nice enough for us to enjoy the sand and water!! It was FREEZING!!! The water is always cold there but the wind was really strong and seemed to be right out of the north! Both girls ended up freezing so we headed home after about 1 1/2 hrs and threw them in a warm bath to warm them back up!!! Hypothermia in July!!! Woohoo!!

Building her sandcastle. This was the little girl who last summer couldn't handle having a speck of sand on her! Amazing what a year will do!!

Lily filling her bucket! She was all about the sand and water!!

These next 4 pictures were taken in succession and show Lily falling into the water. Once she noticed that there was water, she beelined it right to the edge and walked right in. She LOVES the water and would have gone all the way over her head if she could!! I love how Madi doesn't even really move at all in these photos. She is a bit more timid around water!

Even after falling in and soaking her beach cover she was all about splashing and playing, until she was so cold and shaking that David had to pick her up and carry her to me to wrap in a towel... little monkey!

Madi was a bit more unsure about getting in..... but eventually she got in!

She was like the energizer bunny.. she kept going and going and going!!!

Sweet Madi girl

See... she got in... and then quickly out and built a dam with David. She thought it was the best thing ever!!

She was so mad that she had to get out.. but she could hardly stand she was shaking so badly... little lily beanie!

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Kori said...

Great pictures and good memories at least :)