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Monday, July 06, 2009

Canada Day ( my bday!!)

The night before Canada Day Madi woke up sick to her stomach and we were all up really late ( except for Lily... she kept right on sleepin!! ) dealing with all that! July 1st came bright and early for us in the Mobach household. Madi was feeling somewhat better but still not 100% but was adamant that she wanted to got the parade, and since it goes right by our house we figured it would be ok!

It was really windy, cold and rainy ( check out the storm clouds in the back ) but the rains held off long enough for us to enjoy the parade. Madi wasn't totally herself but she said she had fun!

Lily looking for a rock to throw!! She has a good arm!

She found one that she liked!

And let it fly!!

My little sick princess... putting on a brave face!!!

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Kori said...

Happy Birthday!!!