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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lily's 18 mth checkup

Today I took Lily to public health for her 18 mth checkup (she really is 19 mths but we got a bit behind on the schedule!)

Here's how she "stacks" up!!

weight- 10.86kgs (23lbs 9oz) She has only gained 1kg (2.2 bls) in 6 months, which they aren't super happy about but she is not a big eater so......

height-79.5 cm (31.3inches) She went down two percentiles which, again, they are not happy about but what can you do..... she is a short, little girl!!

head circumference- 48.5cm (19.1inches)

She is a bit behind developmentally so the nurse is going to send the info over to our Dr. ( they have what's called "well baby" up here and you see your public health nurse for all you needles instead of your dr. ) and then see if she wants to refer us to an therapist for an assessment. I am not worried about it but we'll see what happens!!

She had to have 3 needles today. 2 in one arm and then 1 in the other. Poor girl was not happy.. Just so happened it was right around nap time so that didn't help either but she got over it after I pulled our a snack for her! She is kind of mopping around today ( which is to be expected) so Madi told her she could watch VeggieTales later!! AAHH... good little second mother!

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