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Monday, June 01, 2009

another wintery picnic!

We headed out to our new favourite picnic spot bright and early ( ok not really but it was bright!). It was nice and warm in Yellowknife (7 degrees celsius)... but when we got to the picnic spot we realized it was closer to 1 and the wind was bitterly cold.

The girls faces went red almost instantly and this mama forgot mittens for them ( I didn't think the end of May I would need to pack mittens!) so we tossed them (gently of course!) into the back of the car and David cooked up the hotdogs for them!

After lunch the wind died down a bit so we were able to play some ball and of course throw rocks into the lake! If you look back at the picks of our last picnic you can see how much the ice has gone out.... there is open water now!!!

The girls waiting for their lunch!

Ms. Lily showing off her new ball!!! She loved it!

David cooking us the hotdogs!! It was a good fire!

Of course.. Madi saw snow and had to shovel!!! Girl of the North!

My frozen bean!

David teaching Madi how to cook marshmallows.. this was her first time.. she was so excited but then didn't want to eat it.. only cook it!

Standing with Mama... waiting for a piece of chocolate!

Eating her first cooked marshmallow!! She told me she didn't like it cooked.. only not cooked!! And that she just want to eat the chocolate part of the s'more!

Mouth FULL of chocolate!!

Playing ball with Daddy!! She laughed so loud when he picked her up!

My favourite picture from the day... playing ball with Daddy and Lily!! While wearing Daddy's sweater over her hands cause they were so cold!!

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