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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lily's Dr. appt.

We just got back from Lily's pediatrician appointment. He did a bunch of tests to test her neurological development and felt that there is no evidence other than the size of her head to indicate problems with her head. He is still sending her for the ultrasound, but the techs here aren't comfortable with doing the test so he asked a specialist who is in town next week if she could fit Lily into her schedule. So we are waiting for a date but at least we don't have to go to Edmonton for the test, which is what would have happened since no one here would do the test. So as far as the head circumfrence we are still waiting but feel a lot better knowing that while we wait to find out there are no other issues coming up!
On another note, Lily had had some brusising that had shown up really easily in the last couple of months and we had taken her for some routine blood tests and nothing had shown up but the pediatrician said he was more concerned with the bruising than her head so he called a blood doctor in Edmonton for some other tests to do. So we took her to have her blood taken and will just have to wait to see what turns out.
So from one thing to the next with little Lily bean..... she keeps us on ours toes!
Keep on praying please
anne and david

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