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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grandma's visit continued.........

Grandma brought Madi some My Little Pony memory cards. She doesn't quite get the concept of memorizing where they are, but can find all the pairs with them turned up.... pretty smart eh!
Grandma took Madi across the street to the park a couple of times. Yes people... this is the end of April and she is in a winter coat and boots... gotta love the north!
Grandma brought us up our new stroller. It is a double, Lily rides in the front ( in her carseat for now) and Madi rides/stand/sticks her feet in the basket in the back! It is so great.. very light and easy to move and highly recommended if you have to kids. Its called a Joovy Caboose and we love it! Grandma and her granddaughters!
We unexpectadely bought a new car when Mom was here... it was a jam packed 2 weeks!

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Koala Bear said...

That stroller looks really cool!