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Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh the look of disgust!

Let me start off by saying....this is my dad's chair. He isn't a stickler about most things....but he loves this chair. If you are sitting in it when he comes upstairs he will stand and politely tell you there are probably nicer places for you to sit.... he would tell everyone that is... except his Madi!
She claimed this chair as her own when we arrived and everytime she was in the family room she was in it!!....sometimes even on Papa's lap!
I took this picture while she was watching Psalty ( remember him??!!) and she wasn't too pleased with me!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there
Just to let you know Anne...I have looked at your blog 27 times, so that will throw your numbers off!! hahha

I love this pic...she is so put off by you taking that picture.

love you