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Friday, June 01, 2007

Shorts and polka dots!

It was hot enough today to put Madison in shorts and this really cute polka dot shirt. I am mostly posting this so that Madi's aunties, nana and grandma can all see how cute she looked today!!!
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Sam and Becky said...

Ok, I love the fact that Madison is so flexible...she's doing a hardcore yoga, bend-your-body-in-half pose in that second picture...that's awesome!
So cute in her polka dots and shorts.
I'm glad summer's finally hit the Knife!

Barbie said...

I LOVE the little shirt! soooo cute but then she is cute in any outfit.
Nice that you finally have some nice days to wear shorts!!
keep those pics coming.

Sheila said...

Ah!!! She is so cute! Glad that your snow is allllllllllll gone and summer has finally arrived!!!